Developing your potential

Part 1

Part 1 is designed to make readers aware of their potential, understood as a range of capabilities, strengths and creative abilities. The premise is the claim that every human being has potential that is blocked by false beliefs. Understanding the essence of this blockade will help you remove it. This can be accomplished through consistent action towards personality development. The basis for this process includes defining the concept of happiness, recognizing one's abilities and the characteristics of one's personality, strengthening self-esteem and defining the overarching values that allow a person to achieve a satisfying life.

Benefits for readers

  • an understanding that the concept of happiness is unique to each individual, a basis that empowers along the path to their own happiness
  • instruction on how to explore and define potential as well as how to harness the power of the unconscious to achieve professional and private goals
  • greater familiarity with methods for learning about specific aspects of personality: temperament, types of intelligence, positive and negative character traits, strengths and weaknesses as well as techniques for strengthening positive habits and eliminating negative ones
  • information on key aspects related to self-esteem and the methods that ensure it operates on an optimal level
  • greater awareness of the personal value system as well as understanding of how it impacts satisfaction in life