The PII’s values


Values are the moral backbone of people and companies. They allow us to follow a straight path and confidently look ahead. The PII is based on constant and unwavering values that are shared by its founders and employees. They are unchanging and are the pillars upon which the Institute’s activities are built.

Personal development

Focusing on “being” instead of “having” is one of the best gifts we can give ourselves. If we want to build a house, we should reinforce the foundations, if we want to achieve fulfillment, we should get better acquainted with ourselves. Knowledge of oneself is an inspiring foundation on which we can confidently build our personal development. In this way we strengthen our sense of our own self-worth and belief in ourselves, and our potential.


All too frequently, we wear masks. Many of us have the impression that they make our everyday lives easier. That’s not the case. Masks are like small shoes – nice, but uncomfortable. We're happy with them for only a short while. The idea that they can keep us content in the long-term is an illusion. Therefore, it makes sense to get rid of them and start living your life based on the truth. When we start to be honest with ourselves and with others, we feel a great sense of relief and real satisfaction.


As long as we censure our actions because someone might not approve, we’re not truly free. Freedom means a lack of external constraints. In such a situation, we can choose one of many available options, a choice that is ours alone. Empower yourself to use this right to freedom. It opens us up to the many sources of inspiration that surround us.


Happiness is in giving, so we should find a place in our lives for selflessness related to empathy and altruism. It’s important to develop the ability to insightfully put yourself in someone else’s shoes and offer wise assistance. Kindness and honesty have a positive impact on both the recipient and the giver. It creates reciprocity. It comes back to us in the form of happiness and provides an endless source of satisfaction.


All of us appreciate honesty. A basic condition for this, however, is that we first reinforce this characteristic within ourselves. We can do this if we base our lives on freedom and truth, and if we develop within ourselves the courage that will help us face up to difficult challenges. The reward is enormous satisfaction and good relations with others.


Trust is essential both at home and at work. It allows each of us to feel safe. To believe that the person with whom we are talking has good intentions. That we can rely on their opinion. However, trust is always related to reciprocity, which is why we should first trust others and then later attempt to gain their trust. This is exceptionally difficult, but possible.